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A native of Madison, Indiana Lawrence (Larry) Rudolech has spent most of his life admiring and studying the simple and natural beauty of southern Indiana's country side. As a young man, most of his time was spent delivering newspapers and hanging out at the local Boy's Club. Under the direction of Mr. John Paul, the Boy's Club was instrumental in cultivating Larry's young artistic career. The club even provided him with his first oil paints at the age of 11, which he promptly used to paint a picture of the Shrewsbury-Windle House, a historic landmark in Madison. The Boy's Club was also where Larry first met Mr. Lou Knoble, who eventually would be his high school art instructor and the driving force behind Larry's artistic career. Mr. Knoble often said that as a young artist Larry had an ability to take nothing and turn it into something. This may have been why this special teacher informed Larry he would be going on to art school after graduation. Maybe it was because Mr. Knoble knew Larry just needed a push, regardless under his guidance Larry received many scholarships. The Julius Epstein National Competition Scholarship was the first one where he entered 3 of the 5 categories. Larry won 1st in oil, 1st in watercolor, and placed 2nd in pencil. With his finances secured Larry turned his attention to selecting an art school. Chicago was tempting, but he couldn't resist the atmosphere of The John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. As a logical young man, Larry chose to turn away from the fine arts to pursue a career in Graphic Design. By choosing this field of art to study, he knew it would be much easier to find employment and provide for the family he knew he wanted. Larry has worked in all the facets of commercial art, from typesetting, to printing, to advertising agencies and finally running his own freelance design and illustration company until the end of 2007.

Larry did not take up his fine art career again until very late in the 1990's, when he became a member of the Madison Art Club. In 2001 he entered and was accepted into his first Hoosier Salon Show. Larry has had work in this prestigious show every year since, and has won numerous awards. As a member of IPAPA, the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association he feels he is beginning to nurture the artistic urges he has suppressed for so long. After all this is were his first inspirations to paint were felt, wondering the country side and back roads of Indiana.
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