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"Why I paint I'm not really sure, and I have often wondered why anyone would even bother to paint at all. It would be hard to find something that has not already been painted and I would find it hard to believe you could paint something in a way that has not been tried before. The only thing I have come to know, is I can't stop trying to express to others what it is I see or maybe even more, feel when I gaze on a site as simple as a road covered with an early morning fog. I don't think I see anything different than what others see. I am just trying to make sure they don't miss the beauty that comes with a lot of small and sometimes simple things in life. More importantly I realize that it is only with God's blessing that I am able to see sometimes more with my heart than with my eyes. So maybe that's why I try to use my brush to express what others may be able to put into words."

As I paint I don't feel I need to paint every detail, nor do I want to. I am not really dealing with what is in the painting, as much as I am dealing with the emotions I am feeling at the time I am painting it. This is why I think my work is only successful when I feel more coming from it, than what I see coming from it.
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